Following the previous edition of the program, also this year Selvita’s representatives from the organic and medical chemistry department, Piotr Graczyk Ph.D. Scientific Director, and Maciej Pudełko, Ph.D. Laboratory Manager will attend the 11th edition of the Mentoring Program in the role of mentors – all interested students from the fields related to organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, we cordially invite to participate in the recruitment for the program.

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Check how last year’s cooperation was summed up by our mentees!

“Thanks to the meetings with Mr. Piotr, I learned what the work of an organic chemist looks like” from the inside” and how our choices during studies influence the shaping of a professional career. In addition, Mr. Piotr is a very inspiring person, thanks to whom you can gain a different perspective on the surrounding world and events, broadening horizons not only in the field of chemistry”. Additional benefits: “Certainly a broader and more critical look at everything that is going on around you”.

“Mr. Maciej is a person who will always be happy to answer every question in a valuable and detailed way. He approached the mentoring program with great commitment and tried to encourage us not only to expand our knowledge in the field of chemistry but also on other topics. He used to plan the following meetings on the basis of previously asked questions, thanks to which I learned a lot of important information that will definitely be useful to me in my future work”.

“Thanks to Mr. Piotr, I found out what the chemical labor market really looks like”. Additional benefits: “deepening the ability to think critically , developing soft skills”.

As part of cooperation with the University of Wrocław, we will also be present at the Career Campus – Job and Internship Fair. November 24th , 2021 at 11 a.m. Blanka Kowalska, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist will present career development opportunities offered by Selvita to students and graduates, as well as share many tips in the field of job search and career development by young scientists.

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