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Many graduates who took that first step before have stayed with us to this day – check what you gain by working with us and learn about the stories of our employees.

Benefits of choosing Selvita:

icon Employment contract since first day of work
Employment contract since first day of work
icon Professional development and cooperation with experienced mentors
Professional development and cooperation with experienced mentors
icon Ensuring full trust and work independence
Ensuring full trust and work independence
icon Trainings for employees – internal and external
Trainings for employees – internal and external
icon Experience in discoveries of world-class drugs
Experience in discoveries of world-class drugs

Graduates at Selvita

Antonina (PhD) Scientist III “Never stop trying. Best learning method is via trial and error.”

Antonina started her career at Selvita in 2019 right after graduating with a PhD degree in bioorganic chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv. Her responsibilities include developing methods for new chemical compounds synthesis and report preparation. She believes that chemistry was her one and only choice as she always liked it.
During lectures at Academy of Science, she often shared thoughts and experiences with other students about future career possibilities in the life science industry. „Many colleagues of mine recommended Selvita so I decided to give it a shot and apply for scientist position at chemistry unit.” Competitive laboratory infrastructure allowed Antonina to get in touch with new techniques and methods of working. Project diversities guaranteed no work routine.
Apart from scientific benefits Antonina also points out working at Selvita gave her possibilities for personal development and improvement of soft skills. “Common goals taught me flexibility.”

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Diego (PhD) Synthesis Team Leader „Being Chemist requires a lot of patience. Extraordinary work effects will originate with some time.”

Diego is currently managing a team that supports medicinal chemistry projects. He uses invaluable knowledge gained during his PhD studies in chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
His adventure with Selvita started due to his wife as she first joined our chemistry team and inspired Diego for moving to Krakow. Diego started his career at Selvita as Scientist I and after 2 years he moved up to Team Leader in Chemistry Department.
„After my PhD, I wanted to spread my wings, I really liked working in the chemistry industry. There is no boredom and routine in my work – a variety of projects gives me the opportunity for further development.”

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Justyna (MSc) GXP Team Leader "Visualize perfect pathway, find your own career strategy because future is in your hands."

Justyna works at Selvita since 2015. She is currently managing the biology team in assay development & validation unit. The idea of being a biologist grew in her from middle-high school.
Inspiration and decision came along with Jagiellonian Univeristy students and their lectures in school.
Right after graduating with biotechnology at Jagiellonian University, she joined Selvita as Junior Research Assistant. Looking back, there were fewer projects and the team was smaller. „Since then personnel increased from six to thirty people within teams and the project’s complexity grows incomparably.” She treated working at Selvita as a challenge and thanks to that she matured scientifically. She believes that teamwork is essential in the scope of biotechnology, where respect is the key factor.

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Katarzyna (during doctoral school) Scientist III "If chemistry is your passion and you love experiments– you will have a really nice life!"

She is responsible for the analysis and synthesis of chemical compounds, as well as contacts with Selvita’s clients. She made the decision to broaden her knowledge by going to the PhD program in the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences (faculty of pharmacy) at Jagiellonian University.
In her fourth year of master studies, she organized a lab tour to Selvita for Jagiellonian University science club members. She was very impressed by the atmosphere at Selvita – “I felt that I wanted to be part of this team.”
Last year of her studies she participated in the conference “Master thesis competition”, where Selvita’s team encouraged her to apply to the chemistry department- “after a few recruitment steps I joined Selvita as Junior Synthesis Specialist.” Working in the lab for years taught her that regardless of your work experience is important to propose your own solutions – “because here every idea is valuable.”

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Mateusz (PhD) Head of HTS Laboratory "Don’t fear challenges – be ambitious about potential workplace, choose those with biggest growth space."

Mateusz joined Selvita in 2018 in the position of Biotechnologist. He and his team are responsible for an enormous venture involving screening analysis on the automated HTS platform. His mother biotechnologist herself inspired Mateusz to become one. Master’s degree obtained in the field of biotechnology at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Moreover, PhD studies continued and finished at IPK Gaterslaben Institute in Germany.
While attending Cracow Job Faire in 2017 Selvita’s Exhibitors motivated him to apply for the position. „I’m really pleased with the way can match employee preferences when it comes to the projects. I enjoy working with equipment and I’m also in touch with novelties therefore I’m glad I oversee HTS laboratory.”

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Vishwas (PhD) Senior Scientist I „If you want to be an expert, you should constantly develop your skills.”

Vishwas is responsible for developing methods for the synthesis of new chemical compounds and preparing research reports for Selvita’s clients. He is from India and he started an adventure there, choosing chemistry as a field of study at Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University. After two years of working in the life science industry he decided to improve his chemistry qualifications – he moved to Prague and joined to PhD program for organic chemistry at Charles University.
While studying he was in the search of biotech companies with a stable position in the market – that’s how he found himself in Selvita. „I have learned here new laboratory techniques and use of modern equipment to increase work efficiency. I believe that the most important thing in teamwork is time efficiency.”

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Paulina (MSc) Scientist I „Openness is the key to gain new skills.”

She started her career at Selvita in 2017, firstly as a laboratory technician. She was promoted for Junior Scientist and later took the position of Scientist I in the Biochemistry Unit. Biochemistry was not her first choice but eventually, it became a great passion and way to live. She studied at Jagellonian University. Many graduates recommended working at Selvita as a good start in the industry. Paulina runs research projects for vendors independently – purifying and characterizing recombinant proteins. „I accepted the position because I wanted to be in touch with biochemistry having the chance to learn from world-class scientists and gain precious experience. As a result, I was recognized and promoted.”

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