Recruitment Process


Make the
first move

Did you find the job offer matching your dreams? Are you ready to join the #SelvitaSuperHeroes Team?
Don’t wait any longer and apply! Send us your CV using a application form, and wait for a response from us – we will get back to everyone that applied. Successful candidates will enter subsequent steps of the recruitment process



The first meeting with our Recruitment Team is a face-to-face meeting or a phone/video call. What can you expect?
We want to get to know you, so we’ll ask some questions about your background and knowledge. This is a perfect opportunity to ask us questions as well!


Fill in
the test

This step is optional: we might send you an online competency or psychometric test (depending on the position).
You’ll have a few days to complete it, but no pressure; take your time. Find a quiet spot, focus, and fill it in. You can do it!


Meet the manager

No worries, it’s just a casual conversation. Probably the manager would like to know more about your aspirations and experience. If you have some questions about the team and the job, this is a perfect moment.



This is an additional stage – we might ask you to provide contact details to your ex-coworkers or line manager, so we can discuss your experience



In case of positive recruitment results, you’ll receive a job offer with all the details necessary to make a decision. You can also expect feedback in case we decide to hire an alternative candidate.

Please notice that the recruitment process might be slightly modified in some particular cases.

Job Offers